NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Intellectual Property Securities Corporation (IPSE) just received its NASDAQ ticker and announces their intent to list through a traditional IPO in 2021, according to Swiss Financiers.

IPSE has successfully started the process of becoming a listed entity using Swiss Financiers as its dealmaker. Swiss Financiers is in charge of organising IPSE’s underwriting syndicate and is also responsible for screening and selecting the lead underwriter for the company’s IPO.

IPSE and Swiss Financiers are proud to communicate that the company has already obtained its ticker symbol “IPSE” from the NASDAQ.

IPSE has developed a unique way to create a NASDAQ listed pass-through security to finance Intellectual Property via a novel kind of security called an Intellectual Property Security or “IPSE”.

Intellectual Property Securities will provide the market with the only instruments that will allow investors to directly capture fractions of future Royalties of Intellectual Property on “authoring and neighbouring rights”. Even though this may sound simple, what IPSE is offering to the market is a real breakthrough set to transform IP and the way it is perceived and valued. IPSE will service the needs of Intellectual Property owners by providing them with a new way to monetize their Intellectual Property. With this listing, IPSE will be able to start offering its Intellectual Property Securitisation solutions to issuers. IPSE intends to create a new market segment in full partnership with the NASDAQ, that will be solely dedicated to the listing and trading of IPS instruments.

The target valuation of IPSE will be above the $1 billion mark reflecting the high-quality of the innovative solution and the size of the total addressable market.

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