Structured as an IPO lab, Swiss Financiers has signed an extraordinary mandate to orchestrate and manage the listing on the NASDAQ of the next African unicorn, MobiGroup. MobiGroup intends to be valued above USD 6 Billion thanks to its super scalable and universal platfom. This first major IPO for Swiss Financiers takes advantage of the teams leading edge expertise to finance companies whilst guiding them to the public securities markets.

Swiss Financiers is focused on creating value and high returns by managing IPOs through its proprietary platform of know-how and technology.The principle goal of Swiss Financiers is to create liquidity for its shareholders by fast tracking and streamlining IPOs. Swiss Financiers is an IPO incubator and dealmaker that conducts unique and proprietary listing  methods.MobiGroup is one of the companies that will be taken public by Swiss Financiers to major international securities markets within the next 24 months — thus allowing shareholders to sell some or all of their shares once listed, fast tracking investors liquidity access.

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