PreIPO Digital Marketplace

Decentralized Private Markets 

Unity – Trust – Security – Transparency – Efficiency – Intelligence – Liquidity

PreIPO – A Decentralized Ecosystem

The PreIPO platform is at the heart of our Decentralized Ecosystem. Powered by blockchain technology, enhanced by AI and Deep Learning and fueled by Big Data. It is simply faster, more secure and totally transparent.

Invest in the world’s most important, innovative and interesting companies before their Initial Public Offering. Our platform allows private company shareholders to gain liquidity and gives investors access to exclusive opportunities.

PreIPO and our partners can nurture all companies from Seed to IPO but not all companies go public. Some will stay private and will want the opportunity to explore a merger, an acquisition or to exit via a sale. We and our Partners assist companies that are part of the PreIPO Ecosystem, whatever route they choose and wherever their journey takes them.

PreIPO serves Accredited and Qualified, Professional, HNW and Institutional investors. Our Decentralized Ecosystem and platform brings all Private Markets parties together, uniting them with immutable distributed ledger technology, empowering them with unparalleled data and guiding them with artificial intelligence.

PreIPO Stock Billboard

The Billboard offers investors who have already invested in companies on the platform the opportunity to sell their shares prior to the company’s liquidity event, should the need arise.

We do not hold buyers’ cash or investors’ shares as in the traditional ´silo´ infrastructure, we pair buyer and seller and facilitate a P2P or Peer-to-Peer transaction.



Diligence As A Service

We have partnered with TABS to provide a due diligence service for both investors and founders. TABS has revolutionized the diligence process for investors and new ventures, turning a weeks-long project into one done in under a minute.  TABS provides a comprehensive diligence for a fraction of the cost. 


Visionary Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Manufacturer

Raise Total  Score
$25M 9.84
enoil bioenergies

Enoil Bioenergies

Microalgae growth technology.

Raise Total  Score
$11M 8.39


Aviation solution

Raise Total  Score
$130M 9.35
first iz company

First iZ

Drone based first responder.

Raise Total  Score
$12M 7.9


Revolutionizing pipe installation

Raise Total  Score
$2.4M 6.81
psy therapeutics

Psy Therapeutics

Central Nervous System focused Biotech firm

Raise Total  Score
$20M 7.26


Balloon atmospheric communications   

Raise Total  Score
$8.5M 7.59
lea image


Swiss based electric car developer

Raise Total  Score
$20M 9.03


The entire financial infrastructure is moving in this direction

Companies will be better prepared to take advantage of this disruptive change – tokenized shares may be more easily adopted for trading on digital exchanges and in banking systems

Blockchain technology ensures that data is accurate, timely, complete, consistent and easily accessible

Trading in shares is simplified by speeding up the process, increasing the traceability of their provenance, facilitating the availability of records and significantly reducing transaction time.


Digitized operations replace most paperwork and eliminate inefficiencies

The power is back in investors hands, and this automates the process, reduces inefficiencies, democratizes trading activity and prevents fraud.

Immediate transfer of tokens from seller to buyer and immediate settlement

Trading is much faster with fewer artificial delays. This may lead to higher interest from investors and as a result, higher prices. Investors will be able to sell any time they want. This will make the investment itself much more attractive to investors.

Facilitates superior trading

Increased efficiency, reduced trading and settlement times, reduced transaction fees, automation of compliance, increased cross-jurisdictional trading, increased security and  reliability make the trading of tokenized shares far superior to traditional shares.

Greater access to international investors

Global investors are utilizing compatible technology that interconnects, interacts, and exchanges information. Ventures are presented to many more investors and make it significantly easier for good companies to raise capital at better valuations.

Access to more efficient technology

Tokenization leads to higher efficiency, lower transaction costs, wider reach, etc. but the use of superior technology will boost marketing and branding of capital raises and create a ‘technology premium’ – a higher valuation due to more efficient technology.

Reverse liquidity premium

The liquidity premium is the compensation demanded by investors for investing into securities with low liquidity, which can be extremely high. Tokenized shares may be traded on exchanges or P2P so this premium is significantly reduced and may lead to higher valuations.