A distributed platform for private market securities

PreIPO works with investors, issuers, financial institutions, corporations, and broker-dealers to enable the purchase of private market-securities through expansive networks across the globe. By providing an AI-based diligence tool for evaluating opportunities, the PreIPO platform supports issuers seeking to raise capital through primary and secondary market offerings.

A Platform for All

PreIPO is uniquely qualified to selectively aggregate and integrate a seamless digital ecosystem, powering business optimization using the capital formation process to transform the Primary & Secondary Markets.

Private Market Securities

Our private market division supports issuers seeking to raise capital throughout primary market offerings, or all via a secondary market on the PreIPO platform.


Broker-Dealer Tools

Our licensing division serves broker-dealers that have registered to PreIPO as a Services - a licensing model currently on sale to broker-dealers in the U.S. - providing tools for distribution and liquidity.


Digital Asset Services

Our digital asset division works with investors, issuers, financial institutions, corporations and broker-dealers to enable the purchase of private market-securities in cryptocurrency through our global network of OTC desks.


An Industry-Experienced Team.

Shon Ranawat

Chief Executive Officer

Shon has 8+ years experience in the Finance Consulting and Wealth Management as well as Sales and Marketing field.

David Grzan


David is an Independent Consultant specializing in Wealth Management and Investment Banking services, with a concentrated emphasis on providing late-stage multi-billion dollar Pre-IPO's to “Accredited Investors and High Net-Worth Individuals”.

Michael Carney

Chief OPERATING Officer

Michael is an Accomplished Executive with 15+ years of experience, including international markets, a broad background including sales operations, marketing, business development, and Building Strategic Partnerships.

Unnat Bak

Chief TECHNOLOGY Officer

Unnat is a 4x Non-Technical SaaS Founder who has amassed an incredible amount of experience in building, investing, and growth hacking early-stage SaaS ventures.


100+ COMBINED Years of experience



Functionality for All

Whether you are a broker dealer, an investor, or an issuer, the PreIPO platform has functionality to assist you in transacting and managing your dealflow.

PreIPO-as-a-Service for Investors


PreIPO.com™ provides a secure platform for qualified investors with an opportunity to purchase ownership interests in private companies that issue pre-IPO shares as a way to raise capital to grow their business prior to their IPO (initial public offering). Investors, including Accredited Investors, Family Offices, Private Banks and others can purchase pre-IPOs on the PreIPO.com™ platform through a secure portal in one or more of their individual, joint, trust, corporate and/or qualified accounts, including IRAs.


Investors, including Accredited Investors, Family Offices, Private Banks and others can purchase pre-IPOs on the PreIPO.com™ platform through a secure portal in one or more of their individual, joint, trust, corporate and/or qualified accounts, including IRAs.


In general, the pre-IPOs listed for sale on the PreIPO.com™ platform have endured multiple rounds of scrutiny and have secured tens or hundreds of millions and sometimes billions in funding before being admitted to the platform.


Imagine owning the next Facebook, Apple, Amazon or Google before their respective IPOs. Simply put, PreIPO.com™ provides qualified investors with the opportunity to invest in private companies before they trade on a public stock exchange.

PreIPO-as-a-Service for Broker Dealer Clients


Access to high-demand deal flow including many of the most highly anticipated late-stage unicorns via a secure portal to view their investments in pre-IPOs at any time.


Access to our proprietary Diligence-as-a-Service technology, an AI-based platform that evaluates, values, and "scores" private companies.


Broker-dealers who license the platform can opt to white-label it under their brand and can list their Primary Market deals that they underwrite on the platform, whether privately for their clients or publicly to all qualified investors.


Broker-dealers can license our SPV-as-a-Service technology for their proprietary deal flow, offering their clients monthly reporting of all activity for investors and broker-dealers along with automated annual tax reporting (including K-1s).

PreIPO-as-a-Service for Issuers


PreIPO Corporation™ provides ready capital to private companies to fund Primary Market transactions, including: stock issuance, liquidity for founders and employees; and, as an alternative to Direct Listings.


PreIPO Corporation™ also provides ready capital as an alternative to Traditional IPO funding whereby the company is subsequently subjected to the rigors of regulatory scrutiny and burdened with the associated prohibitively expensive costs as a public company.


PreIPO Corporation™ is uniquely positioned to architect and articulate, via a whitepaper, the business intelligence required to achieve operational optimization of the enterprise to capture latent value by addressing and managing “Company Specific Risk”, which is often more impactful that all other adjustments in a typical valuation report, as one example.


The PreIPO Corporation™ client-banker relationship is the key driver with regard to funding the growth and M&A activities of a private company as well as providing strategic liquidity, while avoiding unnecessary costs; and, creating the road-map to optimize enterprise valuation.

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The team at PreIPO is singularly dedicated to comprehensively disrupt, scale and democratize the Primary and Secondary Markets with our own distributed hub-and-spoke proprietary PreIPO-as-a-Service platform.